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03.17.21 by Mel Simburg

Virtual Mediation and Arbitration

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The legal system has had to made adjustments in order to address people’s legal matters in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

SKSP has risen to meet the demands of this ‘new normal’ and is proud to recommend founding Partner, Mel Simburg, for Virtual ADR Services. By using Virtual ADR Services, Mel is able to conduct mediation and arbitration services via secure and privacy-driven web conferencing. Mel has now conducted over 200 online arbitrations and many hours of online mediation services.

SKSP’s Virtual ADR Services for mediation have been crafted and refined to replicate the traditional mediation process as close as reasonably possible. Communications continue by email and phone in advance of the formal mediation session, and the mediation sessions use online capabilities that have some advantages over in-person mediation. No arguments over location. No travel required. Participants can be anywhere in the world.

The mediation sessions feature:

-  Virtual break-out rooms for parties to confer privately, or for counsel to meet with the mediator, or for a party to consult with someone outside the mediation.

-  Parties can screen-share on their respective monitors to address any relevant documents, or to perform calculations with everyone present.

-  Participants can transfer files in real time. Revisions to mediation documents and the mediation settlement agreement are instantaneous. It is no longer necessary to wait for official copies or offsite revisions that can delay     finalizing settlement.

SKSP offers a productive online hearing environment that allows the parties to focus on the dispute at hand rather than the platform on which the issues are being addressed.

How the process works:

1.  Contact SKSP for virtual ADR services.

2.  We will conduct an intake process to make sure that no conflict prevents Mel from acting as the mediator or arbitrator, and that all appropriate disclosures are made to the parties.

3.  An agreed-upon schedule is organized with all concerned parties and invitations are sent with pertinent instructions.

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